Bréard Stables : towards excellence

At the top of the Quebec equestrian stage since 1978, Bréard Stables coaching and skills for the athletes’ development at the provincial, national and international levels are recognized throughout the country. Indeed, Bréard’s Family desire to convey its strong sense of horsemanship, of respect and of the value of work make the stable’s name an emblem in the North American territory.


Benoit Bréard

Owner of Bréard Stables and Equestrian Canada Level 3 coach, Benoit has been participating to numerous renowned competitions. As a great rider himself, he is able share his knowledge with the athletes he is developing. His first goal is to encourage riders to experiment, and then he works to strengthen the lessons learned from training. With his adaptations skills, he adjusts his training methods to each rider and each horse he works with. Benoit is helping horse/rider combination to reach their objectives, in respect of their own learning pace.


Louise Bréard

Stable Manager and organizer of the Concours Hippiques du Parc, Louise is the heart and soul of Bréard Stables since the beginning. She conveys her dynamism and energy to all her team members. Welcoming and dedicated, she creates a family and warm atmosphere while focusing on the welfare of horses and riders under her responsibility.


Lou-Anne Bréard

Lou-Anne is obviously the result of the Breard training and development program. She is the new Bréard generation to distinguish herself on the Quebec and Ontario Show grounds. Lou-Anne’s skills to develop horses’ confidence and capacities make them perform effectively and naturally.


Bréard Stables counts of several key people who contribute to the stable’s success: grooms, riders, entrepreneurs, suppliers and friends.



- Boarding and training 

- Competition and transport

- Horse purchase and sale

Bréard Stables counts 30 stalls, an isolated and heated indoor arena with club-house, heated tack room, as well as one utility room. Paddocks of multiple sizes for turnouts, and several outside training areas in sand or grass are also offered.


Bréard’s competition team is mainly active on Quebec circuit, and is also participating to different national and international horse shows. All year long, each athlete is personally supervised to reach his/her objectives and achieve success. Bréard Stables is offering you to organize your competition calendar and the horses transport to each event.


Bréard is also helping you to sell or purchase quality horses. For the love of sport, Bréard Stables knows how important it is to associate the right horse with the right rider to allow them to evolve together towards success. 


For information on available horses, contact us.